War/Terrorism Causes and Inner Workings

When evolving consciousness
into a predator species

Inside human predator consciousness, and its consequence of war.

Thoughts of a Medical Psychotherapist
Paul Vereshack B.A., M.D., D. Psych.

Why do people of “normal” disposition grow up to reign down horror of every description; bombing, burning, drowning, maiming, raping, starving, murdering and completely destroying the lives of millions, while seeing themselves as righteous and of good conscience?

Let's take a journey into the structure of the self, and see if we can find out.


The Fall

Imagine that you are standing on the top floor of a tall office building. You are waiting for the elevator. The doors open and you step in.

Unfortunately that day the elevator is broken, and is in fact still in the basement.

Unable to catch yourself in time you start to fall down the shaft.

You begin to experience a degree of horror so overwhelming that it reaches the maximum that your central nervous system can handle before you pass out; however in this case you do not have the luxury of passing out...

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